The first time I saw Instax Mini 7s camera from a group buying site I was immediately get hooked to it. As I may say, I was love-at-first-sight with it. I would often burst out to my husband and friends my eargerness to have one. I even posted it in my facebook page to get some suggestions from families and friends. As I am planning to buy Instax Mini 7s, some of my friends suggested that if I have the money it will be much better to get its successor Instax Mini 25s since it weighs lighter and abit smaller compared to 7s. Since I only have enough money to buy 7s I planned to delay it for another month to wait for another payday :D But to my surprise, when Valentines Day comes, I got a beautiful gift from my husband. He bought me my very own Instax Mini 25s. I was so happy to finally own one without spending even a single penny for it ;D

my very own instax 25s camera :)
After few months of being fascinated with the camera I've convinced my two other friends to start the Instax business. Good thing we have the same passion and same goal. At first we struggle on how to organize everything, where to get the supplies, how to send via courier, how much are we willing to spend for it. Little by little we manage to do it in place. Little by little we where able to start and go moving. Now we are almost a month operating,, so far so good and we are positive it will be way better on the coming days.

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