Since I was a kid I was really a fanatic of instant photography. I was always amazed on how the pictures are being developed right before my very eyes. Even in this age of digital cameras and DSLR, still instant cameras can’t be replaced. The feeling of waiting for the picture to develop is really thrilling.

I personally own a Fujifilm Instax Mini 25s and I’ve been using it for quite some time now. The credit card-size photo it produces never fails to fascinate me. The color is vibrant and beautiful. The photos are pretty much sharp and detailed.

What’s inside the box?

When you buy the Instax Mini 25s, inside the box it should have the following:
- Instax Mini 25s Camera
- 2 CR2 Lithium Batteries
- Close-Up Lens
- Wrist Strap
- Manual
- Warranty Card/Service Center Card (warranty card depends on the country of origin of the camera)

Fujifilm Instax Mini 25s Personal Review

This particular instax camera has a small mirror attached at the tip of its collapsible lens. This mirror is very useful in terms of self-portrait pictures because you can easily see how you look and if you are within the image are of the camera. Close-up lens are also included in the box to make close-up/self-portrait photos look best. If the close-up lens is not in used it can be attached to the wrist strap included. Wrist strap can be used to make you instax handy and secured it from slipping from your hands. Instax Mini 25s lens are auto-extension when turned on. There are also two shutter buttons in the camera which makes it easier for portrait and landscape shooting. The Instax Mini 25s lighten/darken control and flash/landscape control makes adjusting the settings for indoor and outdoor very simple and easy. It also have an LCD display for the following: xposure counter (number of unexposed films), Landscape Mode, Lighten-Darken Control, and Fill-in Flash Mode.
When someone ask me about my personal recommendation on which Instax Product should they buy, most of the time I recommend this model. Aside from I personally proven and tested it, it’s an upgraded version of Instax Mini 7s wherein most of the settings are already automatic at the same time, it is not as pricey as the Instax Mini 50s.
Buying camera always depends on your own preferences and how much are you willing to spend for it. I’ve created a Instax Product Comparison, hopefully this will help you decide which Instax Camera is best for you.

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The first time I saw Instax Mini 7s camera from a group buying site I was immediately get hooked to it. As I may say, I was love-at-first-sight with it. I would often burst out to my husband and friends my eargerness to have one. I even posted it in my facebook page to get some suggestions from families and friends. As I am planning to buy Instax Mini 7s, some of my friends suggested that if I have the money it will be much better to get its successor Instax Mini 25s since it weighs lighter and abit smaller compared to 7s. Since I only have enough money to buy 7s I planned to delay it for another month to wait for another payday :D But to my surprise, when Valentines Day comes, I got a beautiful gift from my husband. He bought me my very own Instax Mini 25s. I was so happy to finally own one without spending even a single penny for it ;D

my very own instax 25s camera :)
After few months of being fascinated with the camera I've convinced my two other friends to start the Instax business. Good thing we have the same passion and same goal. At first we struggle on how to organize everything, where to get the supplies, how to send via courier, how much are we willing to spend for it. Little by little we manage to do it in place. Little by little we where able to start and go moving. Now we are almost a month operating,, so far so good and we are positive it will be way better on the coming days.
This blog contains a simple steps on how to use and insert instax mini film to Instax Mini 25s.
For first time use make sure that the battery was already inserted on the side of the camera.
1. Get your film.
3. Open the film plastic pack.
2. Open the film box.
4. You will see the black box that contains the film. DON'T OPEN this box for it will expose the unused films.
5. Slide the "FILM" switch on the side of the camera to open the back where you need to put in the film.

6. Back cover of the camera opens.
7. Now, insert the black box (instax mini film) inside the camera. The yellow mark will serve as your guide to insert the film correctly.
8. Close the back cover of the camera. You should be able to see from the yellow mark on the small glass hole at the camera's back.

Now you're almost done with the preparation for your first instax photo.
(box cover of the film)
9. Turn on your instax camera.
10. Do you first shot.
REMEMBER: The first shot will remove the cover of the box not film.
Now you are ready to shoot! Just click the shutter button and you're instax photos will be develop in minutes right before your very eyes!
Film will come out at the top of the camera. Film counter also displays the unexposed number of films.
instax photo using instax mini 25s